Once your payment has been processed we will pack your items and deliver them to the Israeli national postal service.

Delivery Methods

Deliver is always made by international air mail.

Delivery Times

Delivery times will vary between one and five weeks depending on where you live. More detailed information on estimated delivery times is available on the website of the Israel Postal Company.

Shipment Tracking

If requested, after delivery to the Israeli national postal service we can send you a tracking number and a link to the web page where you can track your package until it arrives at your local post office.

Product Guarantee

The project guarantees that every order will be handled with the utmost care and that each item is subject to strict quality control in terms of visual or hidden defects.

The project does not assume reponsibility for messenger/delivery services, nor for postal or customs services.

Once you receive your package you are advised to inspect the condition of the packaging, the weight of the parcel, and its content before leaving the post office.

If you have any concerns you should ask for the supervisor at the post office and make a formal complaint. If you sign for your package without inspecting the state of the packaging the postal service will not compensate you for any damages.