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Our volunteers, Jerusalem Christians, will place your written petition in the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre on a particular date and time, according to your instructions. They will send you a photo the letter with details on the time and specific location where it was placed.

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We print your order

Bring a letter to the Church and make donation

We take a photo

We place the letter in the Temple

We send you a photo report labelled with the time and place it was left

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Locations for placing letters to God

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has two areas for placing petitions written to God: the Chapel of Adam, located under the Altar of Calvary, and the column split by the Holy Fire, at the entrance of the basilica. The Chapel of Adam is an exceptional place that unites the redeeming purity of Jesus with the power of superhuman wisdom and the singular knowledge of the ancient sciences of Melchizedek, the legendary founder of Jerusalem. The chapel is an ideal place for prayers and letters to the Almighty. The column split by the Holy Light is, for Orthodox pilgrims, the preferred place to leave written petitions.